Tactical Solar Panels

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Portable Power Packs

ETI's Tactical Solar Shelter System Configurations
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Other Solutions are no match for ETI's Flexible Roof Mounted Tactical SolarĀ®
ETI's Tactical Solar vs Other Solar Solutions

Rigid Solar Panels

  • Various DC & AC output voltages are available.
  • Long Set Up Time (several hours)
  • Heavy: Glass housing can be easilly damaged
  • Fragile: Glass crystiline components can easilly crack
  • Large Footprint: Takes up lots of space
  • Non-Portable: Difficult to uninstall and move.

    Flexible Tactical Solar Panels.

  • Various DC & AC output voltages are available.
  • Quick setup in under an hour.
  • Light: Flexible Panels on low weight substrate
  • Durable: panels function even with holes in them.
  • Space Saving: Roof mounting takes up less area
  • Portable: Panels can be folded up and moved at a moments notice.
  • Energy Saving: solar covering shelter fly insulates the shelter, thereby reducing power required for heating/cooling.

  • Tactical ShelterTactical Shelter

    Various DC & AC output voltages are available.

    • Units are integrated into self-contained enclosures providing easy deployment and equipment protection.
    • Quick setup in as little as 2-minutes.
    • Systems can also use DC from military or emergency vehicles as input and optionally AC from any AC source.

    The new Solar Power Shelters offer up to 1440 watts of solar power for each 10' x 20' shelter section. This solar covering also serves to further insulate the shelter, thereby reducing power required for heating/cooling.

    Tactical Solar®Panels

    Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI) offers Tactical Solar Panels to Rugged Solar Panelsgenerate power for your mobile electric power and battery charging applications. Incorporating Solid State, Thin-Film, Solar Cells, these power packs provide an excellent choice for applications that require lightweight, flexible, durable, silent power.

    SolarPanel Features
    • 5 to 330 Watt output panel sets available
    • Parallel and series configurable for higher wattage or voltage
    • No electrical noise or interference
    • No audible noise or heat signature
    • Durable lightweight construction
    • Tested to Mil Std 810E
    • Folds into a compact package about the size of a textbook
    • Panels store inside Solar Briefcases
    • Corner grommets for tie downs

    * Operating voltage and current at AM 1.5. Power performance may vary +/- 10% due to temperature variation, spectral variation.

    ** Available in tan, black or digicam patterns Some products also available as a roll-up Solar Charger:
    tan, black, or digicam patterns Rollabel Solar Charger

    Solar Charge ControllerSolar PDUTactical Solar Products

    ETI now offers the most complete line of deployable solar power equipment available anywhere. Units can be used to charge batteries and/or to operate electrical or electronic equipment directly.

    Developed for:
    • Warfighter overseas deployment
    • First Responders & other Emergency Services
    • Homeland Security
    Tactical Solar products include: Fixed & flexible solar panels, Charge controllers, Battery modules, UPS systems